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 Wellness Retreat

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Why We Do It

To combat burnout and low employee engagement more and more companies put in place policies and practices to enhance individual and collective wellness and wellbeing.

Wellness is absence of illness.

Illness is a result of disintegration between Mind, Body & Heart.

Restoring this balance opens the way to a state of complete physical, emotional and mental well-being.


What Do We Offer

Do you need a break? No need to go far. Join us at this half-day retreat in the center of Paris to tend to your Mind, Body and Heart. And bring your friends - this Lean In event is open to public!



wellness coaches

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach; Career Coach & Stress Management Trainer; Ayurveda Practitioner; Mindfulness Teacher



Wellness retreat will allow employees to disconnect from negative on all levels, experience the state of profound wellbeing and then reconnect to positive on all levels (mind, body, spirit).



Participants will re-activate all senses, gain new knowledge, practice new skills, create new connections and will have  an empowering memorable experience.

They will walk out inspired and equipped to better manage their energy, their emotions, health and wellness on a daily basis.


Our Program

During this urban retreat you’ll create greater sense of health and happiness in 5 clear steps, which will empower you with insightful knowledge and efficient tools for your long-term well- being.  Everything you’ll experience can be your go-to tools for creating and maintaining greater physical and emotional well-being on a day-to-day basis. 

Step 1. Wellness mindset

We'll create the space and conditions for the wellness to arrive into our life: detox your body and your mind.  


Step 3. Wellness for the body

Discover Ayurvedic wisdom for modern women. Rooted in the laws of nature, Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing arts in the world. Originating from India, it’s a sister science to yoga. Ayurvedic philosophy and practices address personal and collective evolution - physically, spiritually, intellectually, sexually and emotionally.

Step 2. Wellness for the mind

Self-awareness and practical exercises to learn how to literally hack into your own nervous system and reprogram yourself for peace of mind and emotional well-being.


Step: 4. Wellness for the heart

Mindfulness is a bird with two wings: awareness and compassion. Being aware of everything is not enough on its own; we also need a warm, welcoming, loving acceptance of what we become aware of. We all struggle with feeling compassionate in the face of difficulties



Our Coaches